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Episode 5 - : Reality Check: Journey Towards an Aesthetic Practitioner

Emelene grove

💣🤔 Recently we've seen a lot posts and ads on FB promoting 'fast track' solution with packaged courses from foundation to advanced treatments, which claims you can 'learn aesthetics in xx days'  

❗️❗️So in our 5th episode of #aestheticsinallhonesty, we are doing some #realitycheck  

➜ Realistically, how long will it take to become an aesthetic practitioner? 

➜ What to expect if you're looking for a #careerchange into aesthetics?

➜ Why after course support is important? 

➜ What makes a really good aesthetic practitioner?

Topics discussed in the following timeline:

00:32 - Fast track courses to aesthetics? How long will it take in reality?

02:41 - Career change into aesthetics: what to expect? 

06:20 - Why after course support is important?

09:39 - What makes a good aesthetic practitioner?

14:12 - Potential problems of 'mix & matching' short courses and trying to make up a 'qualification'

Let us know what you think! x

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