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Episode 7 - More about accreditation. Center courses and more bespoke training.

Emalene Grove

➜ How a training centre can be accredited?

➜ Difference between 'Accredited Centre' and 'Accredited Course'?

➜ What are 'Bespoke Qualifications' or 'Endorsed Courses'?

➜ How the 'Endorsed Courses' can affect your training progression?

🌟This week's #AestheticsInAllHonesty, we're digging a bit deeper into aesthetics and hopefully will clarify some further Questions we've come across

0:59 - 2 stages for a training centre to get accredited

5:07 - What are 'bespoke qualifications' or 'endorsed courses'

6:37 - 'Endorsed courses' and insurance?

8:01 - How 'bespoke qualification' or 'endorsed course' can affect you in your training progression?

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