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experience the beauty of success:
join our franchise network

Seize an exceptional business opportunity within the prestigious field of beauty and aesthetic education. Become a vital link in our franchise network that embraces innovation, creativity, and profitable growth.

seize a profit-potent prospect

Our franchise system operates within the beauty and aesthetic educational sector—a burgeoning industry on the precipice of extensive growth. When you join our network, you are tapping into a hugely profitable opportunity that aligns with the increasing demand for aesthetic skills and knowledge.

stay at the forefront of beauty training

As a franchisee, you'll be at the vanguard of beauty training trends. Our seasoned experts perpetually track the dynamic world of beauty and aesthetic advancements to evolve with changing industry demands. Alongside this, our team is adept at adapting and navigating the intricate maze of government legislation impacting this sector, ensuring your business's compliance and profitability.

pre-made course portal: rich in beauty and aesthetics knowledge

Discover and benefit from our comprehensive pre-made course portal, brimming with carefully curated modules catering to the wide-ranging aspects of beauty and aesthetic education. Numerous pounds have been judiciously channelled into the development of this user-friendly platform, designed to captivate and educate your clients as well as drive your business growth.

Our franchise model forms an amicable integration for salons seeking to diversify into the educational sector or existing academies wishing to expand their course repertoire. Along with creating an additional revenue stream, our brand allied to your portfolio enhances your marketplace influence and appeal.

an elegant addition to your existing academy or salon

Our franchise model acts as the assurance of a significant financial commitment, promising that every franchisee embarks on their journey with robust backing. Our franchise package envelops you with a plethora of supportive resources including comprehensive training programmes, proactive marketing schemes, continuous operational support, and more.

enjoy the benefits of a significant investment

Indulge in the beauty of knowledge, experience a fulfilling entrepreneurial journey,

and reap bountiful business growth.

Apply today and transfigure the world of beauty and aesthetic education with us!

We welcome franchisees from varied backgrounds who bear a profound passion for the aesthetic and beauty sector, an earnest desire to succeed, and a commitment to uphold the highest standards of hygiene and service quality. Esteemed salon owners aiming to diversify or beauty professionals with entrepreneurial aspirations are ideal candidates. We also extend multi-site opportunities for ambitious franchisees.

who are we seeking?

Now’s the perfect moment to dive into this unique proposition that marries significant growth potential with extraordinary value addition. Let's unite our strengths to sculpt a better future for your aesthetics school whilst establishing a novel epoch in the realm of beauty and aesthetic education.

Simply fill out the form below and we will be in contact within 24 hours 

don't miss out!

Since its inception, Art Academy has matured into a premier institution within the beauty and aesthetic educational sector. The flourishing market for professional beauty services and aesthetic expertise inspired us to create and develop this brand, hence birthing an establishment known for its high-standard aesthetic and beauty courses at competitive prices. We aim to deep-root our presence by extending extraordinary franchise opportunities across the UK.

about art academy

The UK beauty and aesthetic training market is booming, posing a golden opportunity to seize. We proffer a diverse range of courses, from basic beauty treatments to the sophisticated realm of aesthetic techniques.

Wield our successful return on investment model, which utilises a unqiue education approach and strong business proposition, enabling a quicker breakeven point compared to other entities within the industry. An investment in The School of Aesthetic Art franchise guarantees potentially high returns amidst robust brand backing.

What Support can I expect from Art Academy?

At Art Academy, we ardently believe in building concrete partnerships leading to enduring success. With us, you can anticipate:​

why is art academy a great investment?

  • Proven Business Model – Enjoy the fruits of our refined strategies that assure success.

  • Strong Brand Presence – Benefit from the instant recognition and credibility of our established brand.

  • Site Selection Assistance – Leverage our experts' valuable support to choose the perfect location for your franchise.

  • Thorough Training – Find your feet with our comprehensive training programs to run a successful franchise.

  • Continual Support – Our dedicated team is committed to aiding your journey from inception to daily operations.

  • Latest Technology – Our investment in sophisticated systems and a unique online course booking software are at your service.

  • Marketing Assistance – Our skillful team aids with efficient marketing tools and strategies for enhanced customer engagement and retention.

  • Negotiated Purchasing Deals – Our credible affiliations with national suppliers help you avail the best deals for your supplies.

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